AIF 2018 Best Paper Awards

Please join us in congratulating the AIF 2018 Best Paper Award Winners!

The awards go to Zaynab Mahbooba (in Ola Harrysson’s group (ISE)) for a publication in Applied Materials Today and Masoud Ghasemi (in Harald Ade’s group (Physics)) for a publication in Nature MaterialsTheir research involves using many analytical instruments housed at AIF.

The AIF Best Paper Awards are given annually to reward and encourage exceptional research results that utilize state-of-the-art instruments and knowledgeable staff at the AIF. Recipients are selected by a committee of faculty and staff members. These awards were presented at the annual MRS/ASM/AVS Joint Symposium at NC State, where students receive a cash award.


“Additive manufacturing of an iron-based bulk metallic glass larger than the critical casting thickness”

Applied Materials Today

PI: Ola Harrysson

First Author: Zaynab Mahbooba



“Quantitative relations between interaction parameter, miscibility and function in organic solar cells”

Nature Materials

PI: Harald Ade

First author: Long Ye