Bio-Transmission Electron Microscope

The Bio-TEM model HT7800 is a 120 kV transmission electron microscope and is designed for superior biological imaging. The HT7800 has many convenient features to aid in image acquisition, including:

  • A Dual-Mode objective lens that supports easy observation under low magnification, wide-field high contrast and high resolution.
  • Advanced stage-navigation function that enables whole-grid searching and efficient image acquisition. Motorized Z stage.
  • Automated image stitching, 3D tomography, Automated Multi-frame Panoramic function, Drift Correction, Auto Pre-Irradiation, pneumatic objective apertures and Electron Beam Tomography.
  • Single and three specimen holders.
  • AMT NanoSprint43 MkII 43mp CMOS camera.


Questions? Contact Aaron Bell at
Location: MRC room 122                                                   

Equipment Specifications


Electron gun

W, LaB6

Accelerating voltage

20 – 120 kV (100 V/step variable)

Resolution (Lattice)

0.204 nm
(Off-axis, 100 kV)

Maximum magnification


Stage maximum tilt angle


Standard features

Auto focus, Microtrace, Autodrive, Live FFT display, Measurement function, Low dose, API (auto pre-irradiation), Image navigation function, Column with mild baking function, Whole view function, Drift correction function etc.