Updated Capabilities for AIF Instruments

The AIF has acquired several new upgrades for sample preparation, the Titan, and the Talos. Read the details below to see what exciting new capabilities we have. If you have questions about the PIPS II ion mill, Axon software, or the residual gas analyzer, please reach out to Chris Winkler at crwinkler@ncsu.edu

The PIPS II ion mill features adjustable ion sources with voltages ranging from 100eV to 8keV, a liquid nitrogen cooled stage, and a vacuum/inert atmosphere transfer capability for milling air-sensitive samples.

Axon software integrates with the Titan and Talos to dramatically improve sample stability during in situ experiments. Axon tracks sample location and minimizes sample motion during sample heating, cooling, or when gasses or liquids are introduced in sample chamber.

An integrated RGA (residual gas analyzer) is now attached to the Protochips Atmosphere system. The RGA enables quantitative control and examination of nanoscale reactions within the gas cell holder, and allows for improved control over gas chemistries introduced to the sample environment.