Meet Yusuke Mukai

Yusuke Mukai is a PhD Candidate in the Fiber & Polymer Science Program in the Wilson College of Textiles. At AIF, he has been using our newest instrument, theBruker SkyScan microCT, to develop smart textiles in the hopes of making everyone’s life a little easier.

Read on to learn more about this outstanding NC State student.

What primary instrument are you using for your research and what do you like about it?

I am using the Bruker SkyScan 1174 microCT. The micro-CT works similar to clinical CT scanners but offers a much higher resolution and can visualize various small internal components without physically cutting your sample. This is a very powerful structural analysis technique in textiles – you can quantitatively track how fibers and yarns are three-dimensionally packed and arranged within fabric. Plus, acquired micro-CT images can be used for further analysis such as 3D electromagnetic, mechanical, fluid and thermal simulations for various technical textile applications.

Can you give us a brief description about the research you’re doing? 

My research is about the structure-dielectric property relationships in cotton fabrics. Understanding how different fiber, yarn and fabric structures produce different dielectric properties is fundamental for developing smart textiles such as capacitors, sensors and antennas on a textile platform. In these electronics, the dielectric properties critically influence the electrical performance.

How is your research impacting the community? 

I have one big goal in mind – develop smart textiles to make everyone’s life easier. Fundamental research in the fabric structure-dielectric property relationships will not only add to the current knowledge of science but will also serve as a guidepost for design of highly efficient, high-performance textile electronics that may be seen in military uniforms to daily wears in the near future.

Is there a staff member at AIF that has helped you?

Dr. Ching-Chang “BB” Chung is very passionate about teaching & communicating, and he is always a great help. I am very thankful to him!